Residential Treatment


Residential Treatment at CenterPointe Hospital’s Addiction Treatment Center offers adults 18 and over intensive, holistic treatment for an addiction to alcohol or other drugs, often called a chemical dependency. Based on a 12-step treatment model, patients on our 32-bed Residential Unit participate in a 24-hour inpatient level of care that initiates the recovery process and promotes a substance-free lifestyle.


Treatment Goals

include helping individuals learn:

  • about chemical dependency as a disease that is chronic, progressive and, unless properly treated, can lead to devastating physical and mental problems as well as family, social, employment and financial difficulties.
  • that addiction is an illness that affects not only their lives, but the lives of their families
  • the coping skills necessary to establish and maintain a life of recovery.

Through intensive therapy, education and other treatment modalities, CenterPointe provides individualized treatment to address the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological needs of patients with chemical dependencies.

Residential Unit treatment components

  • individual and group therapies
  • discussion groups
  • 12-step meetings
  • reflection/journaling
  • education
  • coping skills
  • recreation therapy
  • communication techniques
  • lectures and films
  • family education

CenterPointe has developed a specialized track within the Residential Unit treatment program to address the unique needs of addicted medical professionals and paraprofessionals, including nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dentists and paramedics. Along with the important traditional treatment components, the track addresses pertinent professional issues including licensure, state and professional board discipline, and returning to work, as well as offering specialized support group meetings for specific professions who prescribe or manage medications and may be at increased risk for abuse, dependency and diversion.

In response to current societal trends and increasing need, CenterPointe also has developed specialized treatment for prescription drug abuse, with particular emphasis on opioid addiction.


Our Treatment Team

Addiction Treatment Center Medical Director David Ohlms, MD, has more than 35 years experience in the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism and other chemical dependencies. As a certified addictionologist, Dr. Ohlms is nationally and internationally recognized for his contributions to addiction treatment including more than 20 educational and training videos.

As medical director, Dr. Ohlms oversees treatment for each patient on the Residential Unit, providing individual consultation and therapy, and any medication management each patient requires. A

multi-disciplinary treatment team

provides a range of therapeutic, educational and skill-building components that assist each patient in making the necessary lifestyle, behavioral and psychological changes necessary to begin and maintain a life of recovery. The treatment team may include:

  • admitting/attending physician
  • nurses
  • licensed therapists
  • mental health technicians
  • activity therapists.
  • nutritionist.



After completing the residential program (or another level of chemical dependency treatment at CenterPointe), patients may attend Aftercare programming for continued support and therapy. Many patients find the program a necessary and valuable component to everyday life that helps them maintain the positive changes they’ve made in their lives, reinforce the alternate actions and behaviors they learned while in treatment and support their commitment to a lifetime of recovery.

The ongoing program is available two evenings per week for one hour, free of charge.
In this staff-facilitated support group, patients learn valuable recovery skills, participate in group discussions and receive support from other individuals committed to maintaining lives of recovery. Patients participating in Aftercare must be abstinent from mood-altering substances and working to maintain their sobriety. For location, meeting days and times or more information, call 1-800-345-5407.

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