Outpatient Treatment

Depending upon the severity of an individual’s addiction, the level of support he or she has from home, work or other settings, and other factors determined in CenterPointe’s assessment/evaluation, some patients may be suited for a less intensive level of chemical dependency or addiction outpatient treatment. With program components that provide the same quality of information, education, care and opportunity for recovery, CenterPointe’s day and evening outpatient programs offer qualifying patients an alternative to an inpatient stay in the Residential Unit.

CenterPointe offers two outpatient treatment program options for which patients may be eligible based upon their evaluation and the medical director’s discretion:

Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The evening intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides a less intensive level of care that may be used as the point of entry in the continuum of care or following treatment in the Resi-dential Unit. Patients in IOP usually have a strong family and friend support system and may be able to maintain their employment obligations.

Patients in IOP usually meet three evenings each week for an average three to four weeks as determined by the admitting physician.

Medication-Assisted Recovery Outpatient Suboxone® Program

The medication-assisted outpatient Subox-one program is similar in scope and intensity to CenterPointe’s IOP. In addition to the customized therapeutic, educational, didactic and behavioral components of treatment, patients in this program receive pharmacological support to remain sub-stance-free with medically monitored and administered doses of Suboxone®, a medi-cation designed to help opiate addicts manage their addiction and opiate with-drawal symptoms.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Care with Housing Options

CenterPointe recently introduced two new levels of addiction outpatient care that include housing options within the Addiction Treatment Center:

Residential Outpatient Care

Patients receiving treatment for addiction to alcohol or other drugs in CenterPointe’s PHP or IOP who do not require the intensity of treatment on the Residential Unit but need overnight lodging, may be eligible for supported housing at CenterPointe. This level of care provides lodging on the Residential Unit, as well as some additional therapeutic, support and activity services.

Extended Care

CenterPointe offers care for patients who have completed addiction treatment at CenterPointe or are maintaining sobriety and working toward continuing recovery, but require overnight housing and the support of continuing care. Patients in Extended Care receive treatment and therapeutic services, often maintain their employment commitment and have a lodging on the Residential Unit for overnight stays.

For information on any CenterPointe outpatient chemical dependency treatment program, call 1.800.345-5407.

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