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Addiction is treatable. If you or someone you know needs help for an alcohol or other drug addiction, contact CenterPointe Hospital today.


Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Abusing alcohol and other drugs frequently leads to an addiction or dependency that causes the emotional, physical, financial, employment and social problems that can destroy relationships and ruin lives. Most often, the greatest barriers to seeking treatment for addiction are the individual’s denial that the substance abuse is causing the life problems, and the stigma of admitting that he or she is addicted and unable to stop abusing a mood-altering substance like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine or opioid drugs like heroin or prescription pain-killers. Many times, it is a family member or friend who seeks help and initiates the process of intervention and treatment.

CenterPointe can help.

CenterPointe’s residential and outpatient treatment programs offer hope as well as the coping skills necessary for individuals and families to restore relationships, careers and health, and begin living a life of recovery.

Start a life of recovery from addiction…today.


Specialists in Addiction Treatment—CenterPointe Hospital

For nearly 10 years, CenterPointe Hospital has provided the St. Louis Metro Area’s only private treatment services addressing addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs, opioids and other mood altering substances. Our adult residential and outpatient programs have helped hundreds of individuals learn to manage their addictions and develop the skills necessary to live without the substances controlling their lives. Through our initial crisis intervention, stabilization and medical and mental evaluation process, our treatment team develops an individualized program to address each patient’s specific treatment needs.

Under the direction of nationally recognized addictionologist, Medical Director David Ohlms, MD, our treatment program—individual and group therapies, education components and medical management—forms the basis of each patient’s treatment plan to build toward a lifetime of recovery. Based on a 12-step model, patients learn how to manage each day and its challenges without mood altering substances and begin rebuilding their lives in recovery.

In addition to our individualized addiction treatment, CenterPointe offers specialized programs for:

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