Our Mission

CenterPointe Hospital is a premier provider of behavioral health care services, delivered with compassion for patients and their families, respect for employees, physicians and other health professionals, accountability for clinical and ethical performance, and responsibility to the communities we serve.

Our Vision

CenterPointe Hospital will be the health care provider of choice for our patients, employees, physicians and other health care professionals by consistently performing at a superior level, while maintaining sound ethical standards and returning a fair value to our financial partners.

Our Philosophy

Treatment is based on the belief that, through a combination of medically managed care and therapeutic intervention and education, patients can learn to effectively manage their illnesses and cope with the effects on their lives.

Little Hills Healthcare, LLC – CenterPointe Hospital is a physician-owned hospital

Our History

At a time when hospitals and other mental health care providers were consolidating, cutting or eliminating behavioral health treatment and services, a group of physicians and dedicated mental health and addiction treatment advocates acted on a goal of providing the services they felt the St. Louis region needed and deserved. Just prior to spring 2003, Little Hills Healthcare, LLC, purchased the existing CenterPointe Hospital and established local ownership and management of the 104-bed inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric treatment facility.

Chief Executive Officer Azfar Malik, MD, MBA, DFAPA, led the initiative to develop the facility into an all-encompassing continuum of services addressing the inpatient and outpatient needs of senior adults, adults, adolescents, children and families. Immediate expansion included psychiatric services for adults and an adult residential addiction treatment program. Throughout nearly 10 years of growth, progress and expansion, CenterPointe has developed a level of comprehensive care unmatched by private treatment centers in the region.

“CenterPointe’s expansion has provided the opportunity to offer the most highly effective patient care available. As a privately owned hospital, we are unique with regard to our exclusive focus on behavioral health. Because it is our only specialty, our energy, professional expertise and resources are focused on setting us apart from other programs, allowing us to make a difference in so many lives,” Malik says.

Now with 150 beds, the physician-owned Hospital provides a continuum of inpatient and outpatient behavioral health care for all ages in its main location (including the area’s only private residential addiction treatment programs for adults and an adult residential self-injury program) and comprehensive outpatient services at numerous satellite locations in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. After growing its outpatient programs to serve mid-Missouri, CenterPointe continues to expand its outpatient service area in the Midwest and now provides behavioral health care in the Kansas City Metro Area, Illinois and Minnesota.

With a commitment to clinical excellence, the Hospital’s owners, the medical and clinical staff, and support services staff continue to demonstrate that CenterPointe’s treatment philosophy—the belief that patients can learn to effectively manage and cope with the effects of their illnesses—is a proven means by which to make a difference in an ever-growing number of patients’ and families’ lives.