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CenterPointe Hospital Interviewed by FOX 2 News on How Trauma Impacts Addiction

ST. LOUIS, MO– We know opioid, prescription pain and heroin addiction is on the rise. St. Louis has a high quality treatment option with CenterPointe Hospital, which specializes in treating a ‘dual-diagnosis.’

A dual diagnosis is a unique approach to treatment, which sometimes also includes treating both mental health issues like anxiety/depression and addiction.

Medical Director, Dr. Raafia Malik and Clinical Supervisor, Candy Finan explain.

Treatment interventions for trauma include:

  1. The Changing Pointe at CenterPointe Hospital provides addiction treatment for alcohol, opiate and prescription drug dependence.
  2. We provide a full continuum of addiction treatment services – from inpatient to outpatient. That means we provide:
  1. Medication-assisted Treatment is available at every level of treatment. Medication-assisted treatment reduces the symptoms of withdrawal and cravings and frees the person from thinking about drugs and alcohol so they can focus on their recovery.
  2. The Changing Pointe as CenterPointe Hospital is unique in that we provide treatment for both addiction and the underlying mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma. This is called Dual Diagnosis

The Changing Pointe is AFFORDABLE and CONVENIENT to St. Louisans and provides HIGH QUALITY addiction treatment right here in the Greater St. Louis Metro area.  You don’t have to go to the beaches or mountains and spend a fortune to receive treatment for your addiction.

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