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Opioid Use in Seniors

“Seniors using substances are generally attempting to take care of themselves,” stated Candi Finan of CenterPointe Hospital. CenterPointe’s  Silver Lining Program provides innovative inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance use treatment for senior adults.  CenterPointe holds the philosophy that each senior adult is unique with a rich history of life experiences. Current stressors and difficulties represent only a small part of who the senior adult is. We partner with the senior and their family or residence facility in the treatment of those issues, and we also celebrate with the senior the other characteristics they possess. We also operate on the belief that the aging process does not eliminate the capacity to learn and change. To the highest potential of the senior adult’s abilities, we encourage insight, initiative and empowerment. Our environment and programming are tailored to meet the specific needs of older adults and we offer a comfortable, homelike atmosphere, with caring compassionate staff to help the senior through...Read More >

Mental Health Tips for a Happy New Year

Do Something That You Love Every Day Even if it’s just for a few minutes each day make time for yourself. Read, go for a walk, have a conversation with someone that you care about or engage in some activity that you enjoy. Relax and enjoy life. Hobbies and enjoyable activities can bring you a sense of peace and help you recharge your emotional batteries. Be kind to yourself Speak nicely about yourself and treat yourself with respect. A positive outlook on ourselves is a key to attracting more positivity into our lives.  Write positive affirmations about yourself such as, “I love myself just the way I am” and tape it to the mirror so that you can be reminded of your positive attributes morning and night. Forgive yourself Remind yourself daily that as a human, you will make mistakes or miss goals and that’s okay. Learn from your mistakes, identify the triggers prior to the setback and practice new...Read More >

CenterPointe Hospital Employee of the Month October 2018

CenterPointe Hospital is pleased to announce Heather T. as the winner of the October 2018 On-Pointe Employee of the Month Award. Heather was nominated by her peers who made some of the following comments about Heather: “Heather skillfully manages the nursing staff schedules, and she is sensitive to and responds to staff needs for work/life balance. Whenever she is faced with issues in staffing, she miraculously manages to keep the shifts staffed appropriately while responding to the needs of the staff with a smile and true kindness.” “Heather comes to work each day with a positive outlook. She greets peers and co-workers with a smile and works hard to find solutions to problems.” “Heather is a work horse! She is ALWAYS pleasant in every single situation. Heather goes out of her way to be responsive to questions or anything that is needed.” “Despite the obvious daily irritations that occur with the job she is tasked, Heather is ALWAYS a delight...Read More >

Great Rivers Crisis Intervention Team Council Chairman, Sgt. Robert Kendall, Delivers Challenge Coins to CenterPointe Hospital

Sgt. Robert Kendall, Council Chairman for the Great Rivers CIT Council, delivered new Challenge Coins to CenterPointe Hospital CEO, Scott Williams and managers.  The proceeds for the Challenge Coins benefit the Great Rivers CIT and are a great way to support the invaluble services the CIT officers provide in assisting individuals and families experiencing a mental health crisis. The original purpose of a challenge coin was for identification during war times but has grown beyond just that. Now, they can be used as a recognition for special achievement or simply as collectible items. CenterPointe is honored to receive the Great Rivers CIT Challenge Coins and we will display them proudly throughout the oncoming year. Contact the Great Rivers CIT Council for more information about the Challenge Coins.  

How to Care for Yourself During the Holidays

Holiday blues range from mild sadness during the holidays to severe depression. This sadness or depression can be prevented, and if it’s already present, it can be eased. To help prevent and deal with holiday blues, follow these tips: Prevention Basic Good Health Eat right, avoid too much sugar and fat Get plenty of rest Exercise regularly Limit alcohol consumption Set Realistic Goals Organize your time Make lists Prioritize Make a budget and follow it Delegate Don’t overdo Healthy Coping Strategies Give yourself a break – you don’t have to be “perfect” Accept help from others Listen to your inner voice especially when you start to feel overwhelmed Share your concerns with others Experience your feelings – it is okay to feel sad Allow yourself time alone Be innovative, create new traditions and ways to celebrate Enjoy activities that are free Allow yourself to be a guest If You Are Experiencing Holiday Blues Accept your inner feelings and do not...Read More >

Mental Health America’s Snow Ball 2018 Gala

MHA works to ensure people have access to the services and programs that help them maintain and improve their mental health. MHA is guided by the following core values: Prevention and Promotion, Improving Access and Quality Care, Reducing Stigma and Advocating for Transformative Mental Health Legislation.                    

CenterPointe Hospital Hosts Behavioral Health Lecture on Treating Chronic Mental Illness – December 7, 2018

Clients who participate in CenterPointe Hospital’s Progressive Partial Hospitalization Program (PPHP) state: “It gives me hope”, “Helps me connect with other people”, “Helps me not feel alone”, “Helps me feel accepted by others”, and “Gives me purpose in life.”            

CenterPointe Hospital Announces On-Pointe Employee of the Month for September 2018

CenterPointe Hospital is pleased to announce Tim B. as the winner of the September 2018 On-Pointe Employee of the Month Award. Tim was nominated by his peers who made some of the following comments about Tim: “Tim provides great patient care, takes time and goes the extra mile for his patients. Tim has a positive attitude, he is friendly and is flexible. He maintains composure during stressful situations and is encouraging to his co-workers.” “Tim has been an employee at CenterPointe Hospital for quite some time. He is loyal, positive and cares very much for the patients he works with daily. He is always smiling and positive even when things are chaotic or difficult. I have always found him to be flexible and willing to help in whatever way he can.” “Tim is an asset to the Progressive Partial Hospitalization Program at CenterPointe Hospital and it is my honor to recommend him for employee of the month.” “Tim is a...Read More >

CenterPointe Staff, Linnie W. and Alana K., Nominated for VOYCE Caregiver Award

At the Annual VOYCE Caregiver Awards Luncheon on November 29, 2018, CenterPointe Staff, Linnie W. and Alana K., were honored for their exceptional care to seniors in the Silver Lining Senior Program at CenterPointe Hospital.  Linnie and Alana exemplify commitment to quality care and they do an outstanding job of caring for the behavioral health needs of seniors, while maintaining the seniors’ dignity and respecting their rights.                                  

CenterPointe Hospital Participates in NAMI St. Louis Gala

2018 NAMI St. Louis Annual Gala Saturday, November 10, 2018 “Beautiful Minds Inspire”

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