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CenterPointe Hospital Announces April 2019 Employee of the Month

CenterPointe Hospital is very pleased to announce that Mary Jaggie has been named the April 2019 Employee of the Month!  Mary has been with CenterPointe Hospital since 2007 and does an exceptional job handling the nursing payroll function.  Additionally, Mary plays a large role in tracking the education, training and competencies for all of the hospital staff.

Mary’s staff nominations included the following comments about Mary:

“Mary Jaggie embodies the best characteristics of the CenterPointe Hospital On-Pointe Program, such as excellent customer service skills and always being helpful, especially to patients, new employees, visitors and anyone unfamiliar with our hospital.”

“Mary knows all the CenterPointe employees and is often observed asking staff how they are doing and if they need anything.  Mary is also well-known outside of CenterPointe, and staff from other hospitals often ask us to “Be sure to say hello to Mary Jaggie.”  Her reputation in the community is stellar and she is an outstanding representative for CenterPointe Hospital.”

“Everyone knows they can count on Mary to help problem-solve and ‘be there’ when they need her. Mary is always willing to help out an employee with a payroll concern.  Mary has an open door policy and is warm and friendly to all.”

“Mary’s attention to detail is exemplary.  She is very methodical and thorough in her work, insuring that the nursing staff payroll runs on time and is accurate.”

Great job, Mary!  Congratulations and thank you for all that you do for CenterPointe Hospital!