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CenterPointe Hospital Announces February 2019 “On-Pointe” Employee of the Month

Left Kathy M.; Right Gina T.

CenterPointe Hospital is pleased to announce Kathy M. as the winner of the February 2019 On-Pointe Employee of the Month Award. Kathy was nominated by her peers who made some of the following comments about Kathy:

“Kathy is an energetic Lead supervisor in the dietary department. Her constant dedication for the last 11 years is to be admired. Her ‘take charge’ attitude is powerful and enjoying. Kathy is engaging and she loves to laugh and have fun with the staff and patients. She pays attention to detail and creates food that is always appealing to the eye and tastes great. Kathy encourages and praises staff when they are doing a good job. For example, she made flash cards for a co-worker to help her study for her ServSafe Sanitation exam. She goes out of her way to please the patients. Numerous times she has whipped up a special entrée for a patient on a gluten free or vegetarian diet. Kathy thinks outside the box.”

“Kathy helps make our hospital shine and we receive frequent feedback from our guests that they are very impressed with the hospitality created by the food provided for our events. The communi-ty guests and providers can see the love and care that was put into the presentation of the food and it makes them feel special. I have observed Kathy on other occasions, such as providing a Su-per Bowl Party for our patients in the dining room where she created a homelike environment for our patients who were here on Super Bowl Sunday. She very thoughtfully created food items and decorations to help our patients feel like they were part of a family which contributed to their heal-ing process.”

“Kathy Menke goes the extra mile day after day to help “feed” our bodies, minds and spirits through her tireless giving, talents and creativity in dietary services. Kathy is a shining light in our hospital and her efforts are greatly appreciated by our staff, our patients, our patient’s families, our providers and community guests. Kathy is a wonderful representative of CenterPointe Hospital and she is well-deserving of recognition for her many contributions to our mission of providing ‘hope for a bright future’.”

“Congratulations to Kathy for a job well done!
From the Staff and Administration of CenterPointe Hospital!