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CenterPointe Hospital Announces June 2019 Employee of the Month – Sheila D!

Left: Sheila D., June 2019 Employee of the Month
Right: Scott Williams, CEO, CenterPointe Hospital

CenterPointe Hospital is very pleased to announce that Sheila D. has been named the June 2019 Employee of the Month!

Nominations included the following superlatives about Sheila D.:

“Sheila has been a very dedicated employee in the Assessment & Referral Department throughout her years of service in this department.  She is committed to serving the patients first and foremost, and she conducts assessments very quickly, efficiently and compassionately, ensuring that patients receive the care they need as quickly as possible.”

“Sheila has been a consistent, reliable and extremely valuable staff member of the Assessment & Referral Department, as well as the hospital as a whole.  She is an inspirational leader and is able to influence all who come into contact with her in a positive way.”

“Sheila is especially sensitive to and understanding of those who have experienced grief and loss.  She has also turned grief into action and is, if not it’s founder and lead operator, a very key player in a support organization for parents who have lost children to death. ”

“Sheila demonstrates flexibility and is always open to learning and embracing new and better ways for the Assessment & Referral Department to operate. Sheila has a great work ethic and she is a true team player.  She is always eager to take great care of our patients and her fellow co-workers.”

“During the winter snow storms, Sheila stayed at the hospital for days when other staff could not make it in, and made sure that patients received the care they needed and deserved.”

Please join the Staff & Administration of CenterPointe Hospital in congratulating Sheila D. and recognizing her for a job well done!