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Memorial Day Tribute May 2019: Thank You, Dad

As the proud daughter of a World War II veteran, on Memorial Day, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all veterans for their selfless service to our country. My dad proudly served in the US Army with the 964th Engineers.

He began his service at the tender age of nineteen. He never really spoke about most of his experiences during the war, but he did share a few stories with us. This is one of those stories that he shared:

He and his fellow service-men were on an aircraft carrier and deposited on a beach in the dead of the night. Their assignment was to operate cranes, and they were instructed to unload freight, equipment and machinery. Dad told us that he operated that crane for so many hours, that his feet and legs became numb from applying pressure to the manual brake on the crane. After they finished just before dawn, they were taken back to the aircraft carrier and went out to sea. The beach where they had worked all night was the landing site, Omaha Beach on D-Day.

He, like most servicemen and women during their service, saw things that were unspeakable and kept them sealed within their hearts for a lifetime. However, the pride that he had for America was unshakeable and shined through in all things that he did for the remainder of his lifetime.

So, thank you, Dad, and thank you to all those who serve, for the freedoms that your service provides for us in America.

– From a CenterPointe Hospital Staff