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Baue Healthy Living Senior Fair

The “St. Louis Strutters” put on a lively performance at the Baue Healthy Living Senior Fair, inspiring us all to get up and MOVE!

Coming Soon! True You Recovery at CenterPointe Hospital

COMING SOON! The area’s first residential treatment center dedicated to meeting the needs of LGBTQ+ members. True You Recovery is a designated safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community to access substance use treatment. In addition to providing a comprehensive substance use treatment curriculum, True You Recovery will also provide: An environment which allows clients to be their authentic self throughout treatment Arming therapists and staff Gender inclusive rooming Unique LGBTQ+ programming designed specifically for the LGBTQ+ community Peer Support A safe environment – emotionally, psychologically and physically – for members to go through this journey with their community Gender arming environment Family support True You Recovery was created by the community for the community! Anticipated opening Early Fall 2019. Call today for more information! 800-345-5407 – TOLL FREE 636-477-2136 – OPTION 1 ADMISSIONS 4801 Weldon Spring Pkwy | St. Charles, MO

Winners! at NAMI Night at the Ballpark

Everyone’s a winner at NAMI Night at the Ballpark!

CenterPointe Hospital Announces June 2019 Employee of the Month – Sheila D!

CenterPointe Hospital is very pleased to announce that Sheila D. has been named the June 2019 Employee of the Month! Nominations included the following superlatives about Sheila D.: “Sheila has been a very dedicated employee in the Assessment & Referral Department throughout her years of service in this department.  She is committed to serving the patients first and foremost, and she conducts assessments very quickly, efficiently and compassionately, ensuring that patients receive the care they need as quickly as possible.” “Sheila has been a consistent, reliable and extremely valuable staff member of the Assessment & Referral Department, as well as the hospital as a whole.  She is an inspirational leader and is able to influence all who come into contact with her in a positive way.” “Sheila is especially sensitive to and understanding of those who have experienced grief and loss.  She has also turned grief into action and is, if not it’s founder and lead operator, a very key player...Read More >

Contact with nature during childhood could lead to better mental health in adulthood

Read original article HERE. Date: May 21, 2019 Source: Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) Summary: Almost 3,600 people participated in a European study on the impact of green and blue spaces on mental health and vitality. Adults who had close contact with natural spaces during their childhood could have a better mental health than those who had less contact, according to a new study by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), an institution supported by “la Caixa,” involving four European cities. Exposure to natural outdoor environments has been associated with several health benefits, including a better cognitive development and better mental and physical health. However, few studies have explored the impact of childhood exposure to natural environments on mental health and vitality in adulthood. Furthermore, studies have more frequently considered green spaces (gardens, forests, urban parks) than blue spaces (canals, ponds, creeks, rivers, lakes, beaches, etc.). This study, published in the International Journal of Environment Research and Public...Read More >

Deaths From Stimulants Rising Steadily

Read original article from CNN HERE. Amid America’s opioid crisis, deaths from stimulants are steadily rising. Headlines about America’s drug crisis have long centered on opioids such as heroin and fentanyl. But a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention paints a more complicated picture of the drug crisis. Overdose deaths involving cocaine and psychostimulants such as methamphetamines, MDMA, methylphenidate (commonly sold as Ritalin) and caffeine have also been steadily rising. In 2017, there were 23,139 overdose deaths involving these drugs, making up nearly a third of the 70,237 fatal overdoses that year, according to Thursday’s report. Between 2015 and 2016, cocaine-related overdose death rates rose 52% while psychostimulant-related overdose death rates rose 33%. From 2016 to 2017, fatal overdose rates from both classes of drugs rose by about a third again. Overdose deaths from these stimulants jumped from 12,122 in 2015 to 17,258 in 2016 — an increase of 42% in just one year. The...Read More >

FREE Continuing Education Units (2) on the RockStar Suicide Prevention Program

You are cordially invited to attend a CenterPointe Hospital Behavioral Health Lecture DATE: Friday, August 23, 2019 TOPIC: The RockSTAR Program: Rocking Out For Suicide Prevention PRESENTER: Keitt Stathem , MA, LPC Lead Therapist, Adolescent Outpatient Program, CenterPointe Hospital TIME: Registration & Continental Breakfast: 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Lecture 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. LOCATION: CenterPointe Hospital Gym (tallest building toward back/right side of campus) 4801 Weldon Spring Parkway, St. Charles (Weldon Spring), MO 63304 PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Being able to acknowledge the warning signs and know how to handle suicidal ideation is key to this program. The RockSTAR program also allows individuals the ability to talk about a sensitive subject in an up-to-date way. The purpose of The RockSTAR Program is to educate individuals on the signs of suicide, techniques of intervention, and awareness of the suicide epidemic. Awareness equals Prevention. ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Keitt Stathem, MA, LPC, resides in St. Charles, Missouri where she currently works at Center-Pointe Hospital as...Read More >

Project Wake Up documentary shines a bright light on mental health

See original article HERE. Wake up! That’s the message that Alex Lindley is spreading through the nonprofit he helped to found off tragedy and heartbreak. In 2012, Lindley’s friend Carolyn Dolan took her own life. Although college students at the time, a group of friends, including Dolan and Lindley, had remained close since their Parkway West Middle days. The friends hadn’t experienced a loss quite like this one and instead of banding together, Lindley said there was silence. “We didn’t talk about it. We didn’t know how,” he said. “Some of us had experienced traumatic loss, but certainly not suicide.” Lindley knew Dolan was battling some form of mental illness, and she often was down while going through tough times. But he never expected the outcome. When a second friend in that group, Ryan Candice, died by suicide two years later, Lindley was reeling. “Personally, I was hyper-vigilant in looking for signs that my friends were contemplating suicide,” Lindley said....Read More >

Joshua Wilson, MD, Gives Talk on Emotional Impulsivity in ADHD at CenterPointe Hospital

Dr. Joshua Wilson, Co-medical Director of Adolescent Services at CenterPointe Hospital, presented on the topic, Emotional Impulsivity in ADHD, to an audience of over 200 local community providers and managers. Below are some symptoms that may be indicators of emotional impulsivity in ADHD: The lack of inhibition of behavior associated with strong emotion Failure to engage in self-regulatory actions (in regards to emotions) Sudden changes in emotion – impatience, low frustration tolerance, hot-temperedness, quickness to anger, irritability, and easily emotionally excitable Has poor grades/poor friend choices Extremely disrespectful towards parents/authority CC “I get mad easily” History of inattention and hyperactivity Issues with grades Teachers state he could do better At baseline struggles with anger and changes in mood Makes friends but fights with them Denies issues with social cues/rigidity Impulsively gets into altercations, then later regrets it Other than worries about friends “backstabbing”

Congratulations, Lakeisha Perry, LPN!

Congratulations to Lakeisha Perry for receiving a LPN license! Lakeisha has been working as a Mental Health Technician and Unit Secretary at CenterPointe Hospital for four years, and now we congratulate her as she accepts her new role as a LPN in our Silver Lining Geriatric Program.

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