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Testimonials from Alumni of CenterPointe West County Outpatient Program

“I was nervous about starting group therapy, being that I have never experienced this kind of therapy, only ‘one on one’ therapy.  Group has helped me so incredibly much here at CenterPointe. I will definitely miss this program, the relationships I have developed, and the knowledge I have gained from being here.”

“The staff definitely helped and supported me in my recovery. I am grateful for CenterPointe and would refer family or friends to the CenterPointe.”

“CenterPointe is a safe place to share thoughts and feelings about recovery.”

“I am so very glad that I decided to admit myself in this program. I feel great and I am well prepared for my sobriety journey.”

“I was apprehensive about starting therapy. I was relieved to discover the caring staff here. I felt very welcomed and comfortable in group therapy. I’m leaving here with coping skills and am very thankful for that.”